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ProVetLogic ProLoc Dilution Dispenser


ProVetLogic ProLoc Dispenser  – The secure system for economically dispensing Animal facility Disinfectant and controlling product dilution rates. General level and Parvo level.

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Save Time and Money! Dilution done right every time!

ProLoc Dilution Dispenser

ProVetLogic ProLoc Dilution Dispenser – What makes this dilution system unique, effective and economical is the “LOCK-OUT” feature. The dilution is controlled by the bottle and not the wall-mounted mechanism. This is important for the following reasons:

Eliminates the FREE-POUR(glug-glug) and…

  1. V99 ProLoc never needs to be calibrated.
  3. Press Green for General level or
  4. Press Red for Parvo Level. Also,
  5. Reduce LABOR COSTS associated with preparing chemical solutions.
  6. NO WASTE created from overuse of cleaning products. No More Glug-Glug.
  7. Quick Disconnects hoses allow for mop bucket, spray bottles or refillable canisters from either green or Red side. Press button with thumb and change quickly.
  8. For use with ProVetLogic Animal Facility Disinfectant ProLoc bottles – V01-.5MN-4
  9. Kills Canine Parvo virus and 31 other animal germs.
  10. Great for Cats and catteries.
  11. MOP Hose has clip to hang in the Clean Water Mop Bucket while filling up.
  12. Installation is Easy! Takes only 15 minutes to install.
  13. Watch the Video!

Technical Data Sheet.  Efficacy Information.

Hospital Starter Kit

This Starter Kit includes several items bundled around the ProLoc Dilution Dispenser, including properly labeled canisters and spray bottles. If interested,  Contact us for more information about the Hospital Starter Kit.


Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 14 × 9 in